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Global Network and Supply Management (GNSM) is a leading digital service provider that offers state of the art services in the HR Services, Warehousing, Talent Acquistion, Technology Staffing, Ecommerce Back-end, Learning & Development, Manpower supply to our esteemed clientele. Our client base includes world's top IT organisations and leading Indian firms. Additionally, we excel in digital marketing solutions to support the needs of our clients in today's digital age

  • We offer a diverse set of HR and Learning & Development Services

  • We excel in manpower supply services

  • We offer smart warehousing solutions across India

  • We are one of the largest back-end service providers for Ecommerce companies

  • We are an authorized Service Provider Network (SPN) for Amazon

  • We offer smart digital marketing solutions

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+ 91 (0) 22 4924 4100

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